Pilot TO PARTNER Program

Great software takes time to build, stabilize, perfect and iterate again to keep up with the ever-changing world of technology. Many outsourcing relationships struggle to find the balance between expectations for a quick fix to a solution and the time required to generate tangible, long-lasting value. After years of trial and error, Vinasource developed a unique approach to achieve that balance. Welcome to Vinasource's "Pilot to Partner" program.


Every new relationship needs time to fine tune communications, ramp up on technology, establish process and determine if the relationship is the right fit. At Vinasource, we recognize that this initial phase of the relationship requires investment from both parties. During what we call the Pilot phase of the project, which typically lasts 4 to 6 weeks, we assume 50% of the development fees. At the end of this cycle, we sit down together and perform an honest assessment of the relationship and confirm that we do, indeed, make a great fit for an ongoing partnership.


Upon delivery of a successful Pilot project, we move into the Partner phase of the relationship where we dedicate a development team and continue the project. At this point in the relationship, the development team is fully trained and is ready to rock. We follow an agile development approach which enables us to deliver weekly iterations that have tangible review points for the client. Our goal in the Partner phase is to help the client truly achieve their long-term business vision. We focus on the mission of the client and work together to produce a “living” product that drives that mission.