kuyam is a start-up founded by Kourosh Gohar, a Los Angeles local and on-the-go businessman. Gohar wanted to create a company that gave people a way to book appointments with local lifestyle businesses in just a few clicks.

Gohar was in search of a development partner to provide product development services and guidance for creating and operating a web site and iOS and Android apps. He envisioned creating tools that served consumers, and also helped companies manage their schedules and availability.

kuyam needed a partner that could offer financial terms that made sense for a small startup, and that could grow with the company.

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The Solution

Vinasource proposed a dedicated team consisting of iOS, Android and .NET developers, as well as test and project management resources. In addition, a US-based program manager was added to the team to facilitate communication and requirements work, hold regular weekly calls and provide guidance on technical solutions for kuyam’s needs.

Built and launched in just under 6 months, the new kuyam web site allowed consumers to easily book and pay for appointments, and allowed companies to manage their data in kuyam. Subsequently, iOS and Android apps were both launched for booking and appointment management.

Since the initial release, the site and apps have been augmented and enhanced to include a customized blog with professionally written articles to further improve user retention rate, and a wide variety of other features were created such as in-app live chat, intelligent reminders, CRM integration, stock image integration, gift cards, and voice transcription.

An ongoing, dedicated, full-time technical team continued to develop new features relevant to the growing industry, and supported various promotional activities such as live events and advertising.


Certain business initiatives and timelines, such as local events, press releases and industry conference demos, sometimes required a temporarily accelerated development plan. Because the dedicated development team included a fixed number of resources, and often these initiatives were unveiled on the fly, accelerating development was challenging. In order to accommodate this challenge, Vinasource was able to temporarily allocate additional team members to kuyam to aid in delivering additional features in time for these events.

Lessons Learned

To better anticipate roadmap needs and to provide added value to kuyam, Vinasource became more and more involved with the business strategy and prioritization process, instituting a true partnership. This allowed Vinasource to provide better development resource planning in advance to augment the team if needed.

The Result

The kuyam site as created by Vinasource launched successfully in February 2013, and kuyam has since gained fans in the consumer-tech community, who have given kuyam esteemed accolades in numerous online publications. Many of the features that kuyam pioneered in the online booking space have been mimicked by competitors, a sign of flattery in the consumer space. kuyam continues to grow its user base by delivering engaging content and convenient booking.