Opportunity The Microsoft Sales Specialist organization publishes learning materials and conducts certification for sales partners around the world. The curriculum they offer covers the entire Microsoft product spectrum, from enterprise to consumer. Microsoft needed an online solution to help organize the gamut of educational information, that could simulatenously be used to increase user engagement through rich content and community features. They set out to find an affordable development partner with the knowledge and experience that could help them achieve the combination of results they sought.


The Solution Vinasource was introduced to Microsoft through a client referral, and came on board to extend and enhance the existing MSSS system. Vinasource began work to build out a suite of new features that increased the types of content offered, supported events, and provided powerful real-time analytics to the client on usage of the system. Vinasource built the site to include a customized registration flow for different user roles and locales, customized curriculums per-role, dynamic course listings and exam access, and access to results via certificate downloads and transcript tracking. In addition, sales partners were offered the ability to register for, attend and download webcasts, as well as register for physical events, info and downloads. Sales partners could also register for contests and accrue points toward drawings by performing certain actions. Managers of the site were able to run highly customized surveys, and to track responses and results online. Managers could also run ads on the site and track performance of impressions and clicks at the level of campaign, page, user role and placement. Vinasource helped create a CMS to radically speed up publishing turnaround for curriculum and materials. They also integrated custom site usage analytics that provided details of user engagement, and custom management-level reporting that tracked core stats around registrations, accreditations, downloads and other engagement points.

The Result The site was extremely successful, in raising both user registrations and re-engagement. Over the course of its first full year running, Microsoft used this system to register 3,000 new users, enabled users to complete 12,000 courses and help them earn more than 7,000 certificates. This site also helped drive a major push in community involvement by enabling 2,100 event registrations and 4,500 materials downloads.